How to reset your WordPress settings

There are many reasons why you may need to reset your WordPress settings back to default. It is a very useful feature if you are a developer that uses the same website to create different examples for clients. From time to time you may need a brand new install just to restore all colours etc to default.
You may be changing different settings such as colours, code etc and often need to revert to a fresh install. Instead of overwriting everything with a fresh install through Cpanel you can “reset” WordPress with the aid of a plugin.
If you type”Reset WordPress” into the plugin search bar you will be presented with various options.

Reset Wp Plugin

Now first of it must be said that all these plugins do exactly what they promise. You will notice that some plugins have not been updated for a long time but in this case, that should not be a problem. As its simply a WordPress reset, updated WordPress versions do not always require updates.
WordPress Reset By Matt Martz is one I use frequently.

How To Use

First off install the plugin of choice, in this case, I will explain using “WordPress Reset”.
The settings are very straightforward and you will find the instructions under tools in the dashboard.

Once you click on Reset it will bring you to the Reset page and you will see something like the picture below

From here its a simple matter of typing the word Reset in the provided space and clicking on the button below.
This will restore WordPress to default for you but leave a lot of settings.
It will leave the plugins and themes you have already installed (Please note you will need to re-enter licence keys for premium plugins)
It deletes all customizations and content such as colours, pages and posts.  Also, it does not modify files only resets the database
It will reset all settings such as permalinks, reading settings etc.

As mentioned previously there are many similar plugins that do the same job. Some are more thorough than others, some delete plugins and themes also if required. Whichever one you choose, make sure you read the installation process and understand what exactly you are deleting. If in doubt its always a good idea to create a backup first.
Let us know in the comment section which plugin you prefer to use to reset your WordPress settings.

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