Fixing your incorrect facebook preview

Tried sharing your latest post on social media and the incorrect facebook preview keeps showing?

The preview seems to be pulling the incorrect text or image?
Often this is a simple caching problem caused by a number of things. Usually, it is when you attempt to share the content on Facebook before inputting the correct data into Yoast or simply getting the meta description correct.



To illustrate my point I created a dummy page.
I attempted to share the link on my facebook feed but got the following preview. Problem was that I completely forgot that my site was under maintenance mode and the correct info could not be shown (hence the “Coming soon” text)
I switched off maintenance mode but despite repeated attempts, I could not get the correct info to show, this is because Facebook saved a cached copy and kept reverting to it.



Heres how to proceed

Go to this URL:

Enter the URL of the post you want to fix, past it in the box, click Debug. Problem solved.

If required Click “Scrape Again” underneath

This removes all caching information and your preview should now show up correctly. This is a handy tool and will work for when you make simple changes to your page or post such as changing Featured Image etc.

Your preview should then show up correctly like mine did below

fixing your incorrect facebook preview

Hopefully this post will help you fix your incorrect facebook preview. Any questions just comment below.

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